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Skocdopole Construction Ltd., a family owned business for the past 47 years, has continued to grow and undergo many changes. In the 1950's, the company turned its attention to the oilfields of Alberta where there was a requirement for pipeline, seismic and drilling operations.

Skocdopole Construction Ltd. was incorporated in 1964, and was deeply involved with the early history of rural natural gas installation and the plowing of PVC and polyethylene pipe.

The Skocdopole ploughing systems represented cutting edge technology in its day as it provided a faster and less costly installation of rural gas networks over ditching systems. The plough system was popular with the farmers and gas line companies, as there was little ground disturbance to their property and ease of installation.

Skocdopole Construction Ltd. has installed over 40,000 kilometres
of gas lines throughout the province of Alberta since its incorporation.

Skocdopole Construction Ltd. continues to grow in the oil and gas construction business and ploughing of polyethylene pipe, plastic, composite, and aluminum coiled pipe.

Applications include:
  • Well site gas gathering systems
  • Rural natural gas installations
  • Fluids & water
  • Fibre optics
  • Utilities
  • Telephone and power cables.

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